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Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP)


GBEP brings together public, private and civil society stakeholders in a joint commitment to promote bioenergy for sustainable development.

The Partnership focuses its activities in three strategic areas:
Sustainable Development - Climate Change - Food and Energy Security

GBEP Events

GBEP Activity Group 4 - ECOWAS Workshop on Sustainable Wood Energy Management  - Cotonou (Benin), 9-10 May 2016 - 4th GBEP Bioenergy Week, Budapest (Hungary), 21-24 June 2016 - 8th GBEP Working Group on Capacity Building, 14th Task Force on Sustainabilty, 19th GBEP Steering Committee,  - Rome (Italy), 30 November-2 December 2016

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04 May 16
 to 04 May 16
Ingenio Montelimar, a Nicaragua-based renewable energy firm,...
04 May 16
 to 04 May 16
EU laws requiring member states to use “at least 10%” renewable...

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