GBEP Steering Committee

The Steering Committee governs the overall framework, policies, procedures and activities of the Partnership. It provides strategic guidance to the Partnership and periodically review the programme of collaborative activities undertaken by the Partnership, including a review of the organizational structure if necessary, and provide direction and instructions for actions to the Secretariat. Decisions on accepting new partners are taken by the Steering Committee.

The Committee meets usually twice a year, at times and places to be determined by its appointed representatives.

Italy and Brazil are the Chair and the Co-Chair of the Partnership.
Chair: Francesco La Camera, Director General, Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, Italy;
Co-Chair: João Genésio de Almeida Filho, Director General, Ministry of External Relations, Brazil

Francesco La Camera
Francesco La Camera is the Director General of Sustainable Development, Environmental Damage and Relations with the European Union and International Organizations Department at the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea. He led the EU and Italian negotiation teams at UNFCCC COP 20 Lima, and currently leads international affairs in the Ministry and the greening of EU Structural Funds. He represented Italy in many international experts groups and councils at UN-ECE, UN-CSD, UNEP, OECD, EU, EEA. Prior to working in the Ministry of Environment, he served as economic analyst at the Italian Ministry of Budget and Planning, and worked as a member of the Italian EIA Commission (Environmental Impact Assessment). Author of several reference books in Italy on economic and environmental assessment instruments (CBA, EIA, SEA), sustainable development and environmental economics, he has been one of the major experts for the preparation, promotion and adoption of the Espoo and Aarhus Conventions.

João Genésio de Almeida Filho
João Genésio de Almeida Filho is a Brazilian diplomat with experience in cooperation in science and technology; multilateral fora specialized in cocoa, sugar and coffee; and political affairs in Africa, having served in South Africa for seven years and twice having been Chargé d´ Affaires in Zimbabwe. Afterwards he was appointed to set up the IBSA and BRICS Division in the Ministry of External Relations (MER). He wrote his thesis in the Advanced Studies Course of the Brazilian Diplomatic Academy on IBSA, which was published under the title O Forum de Diálogo Índia, Brasil e África do Sul: Análise e Perspectivas (2009). In 2011, he served as Minister-Counsellor for human rights and humanitarian affairs in the Brazilian Mission to the United Nations in Geneva. Up to the end of 2016, he occupied the post of Deputy Consul-General of Brazil in Geneva. Currently he is the Director of the Department of Energy of the MER. Mr. Almeida has academic degrees in both Law and Philosophy.


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