Purpose and Functions


The purpose of the Global Bioenergy Partnership is to provide a mechanism for Partners to organize, coordinate and implement targeted international research, development, demonstration and commercial activities related to production, delivery, conversion and use of biomass for energy, with a focus on developing countries.

GBEP provides also - a forum to develop effective policy frameworks to:

  • suggest rules and tools to promote sustainable biomass and bioenergy development;
  • facilitate investments in bioenergy;
  • promote project development and implementation;
  • foster R&D and commercial bioenergy activities.

GBEP's main functions are to:

  1. promote global high-level policy dialogue on bioenergy and facilitate international cooperation;
  2. support national and regional bioenergy policy-making and market development;
  3. favour the transformation of biomass use towards more efficient and sustainable practices;
  4. foster exchange of information, skills and technologies through bilateral and multilateral collaboration;
  5. facilitate bioenergy integration into energy markets by tackling specific barriers in the supply chain;
  6. act as a cross-cutting initiative, working in synergy with other relevant activities, avoiding duplications.

GBEP works in synergy with other relevant initiatives, including: