Synergies and competition in bioenergy systems - Summary and conclusions

Feb 2009

The use of renewable energy sources in general, and bioenergy in particular, is rapidly expanding in response to the ambitions of governments around the world to meet environmental and energy security objectives. Among the various renewable energy sources, bioenergy provides the most diverse group of technologies, offering a range of options in different conditions. The potential negative effects of the expansion of bioenergy are frequently discussed, especially competition for feedstock or production resources, such as land or water. However, much less attention has been given to the synergies which may exist with other production alternatives.
To consider these issues more fully, Task 41 contracted two independent groups to analyse the synergies and competition between bioenergy in the agriculture and forestry sectors.
The reports of this work, which represent the opinion of the authors, are included with this final report. This summary report represents the considered views of the Task participants on these issues, informed by the contractors work.

By: IEA Bioenergy Task 41, Project 1

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