The Swan labelling of fuel - Background document on the ecolabelling of fuel

Nov 2007

This document provides background for the requirements proposed by Nordic Ecolabelling in its Consultation Document.
The document discusses Nordic Ecolabelling’s motives in developing criteria for the ecolabelling of fuels. It also provides a general introduction to the market for fuel, the outlook for the biofuel sector and the challenges associated with the use and production of commercially available fuels and the fuel products of the future. The goal of the criteria is to stimulate the development of fuel products that are more climate-adapted. Also included are requirements aimed at preventing Swan-labelled fuels from causing other environmental and health-related problems.
The requirements relating to emissions of greenhouse gases and energy consumption are imposed on the basis of a life cycle perspective. This means that all emissions and all energy consumed, from raw material production until the product is used, are included in the calculations. The data underpinning the requirements are based on what is referred to in the following as the JEC Report. This report is an annual collaboration between Concawe, EUCAR and the Joint Research Center.

By: Nordic Ecolabelling

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