Biomass – A sleeping giant?

Jan 2007

Biomass is currently attracting a great deal of interest – although the debate also has its controversial aspects. Biomass is considered to be a very promising option for several reasons: to secure raw material supplies in the long term, counteract the rising demand for energy, and tackle the challenges of climate protection. However, the use of biomass is also being increasingly attacked for competing with food production and further intensifying the exploitation of nature.
The term “biomass” is often used far too generally. Whether as a source of energy or a raw material for numerous industrial products, the advantages of an established application are now often simply transferred to other product groups without any prior analysis.
This frequently leads to the demand to use biomass whenever it is technically feasible – which is not always the best means of ushering in an environmentally compatible and sustainable, structured future.
Identifying the opportunities opened up by biomass, and implementing the most effective and efficient applications, can only be furthered by objective debate.
Econsense therefore looks in this position paper at the ten most-frequently expressed public theses and opinions, and analyses the advantages and challenges associated with the use of biomass. These theses have been looked at critically here against the background of sustainability to ensure that the general public is properly informed about the important issues involved.

By: Econsense - Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business

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