Biofuels production, trade and sustainable development: emerging issues

Sep 2006

This paper seeks to provide a preliminary identification of the main sustainable development issues involved in the debate around production and trade in biofuels.
The paper is organised as follows.
Chapter 2 provides a brief description of the different types of biofuels.
Chapter 3 identifies the major international biofuel producers and suppliers and the main international buyers.
Chapter 4 provides an overview of key policies behind biofuel market development.
Chapter 5 analyses relevant aspects of trade in biofuels, including the main trade barriers and relevant trade rules.
Chapter 6 analyses the main links between biofuels and sustainable development.
Finally, Chapter 7 concludes by identifying some gaps and ideas for further work.

By: A. Dufey (International Institute for Environment and Development, IIED)

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