Advancing bioenergy for sustainable development - Guideline for policymakers and investors (Joint UNDP/World Bank)

Apr 2005

This report is part of Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme (ESMAP)’s work programme on the development of renewable energy resources.
It provides a broad review of the issues that a policymaker or project developer may face when endeavouring to advance biomass energy for sustainable development. The report provides guidance towards bioenergy project design and implementation for policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other actors. Its main focus is on less developed countries, although some lessons and methods from industrialized countries are included where appropriate. The report divides these issues among three volumes.
The intent of the document is to provide the reader with background information and motivation regarding bioenergy’s role in promoting sustainable rural development. It discusses ways to support the implementation of bioenergy through policies, including those that can mobilize private sector activity.
Volume I provides an overview of implementation issues for bioenergy projects and programs; Volume II provides technical information regarding biomass resources and technological options; and Volume III presents discussions of real-world bioenergy implementations through case studies and profiles.

By: S. Kartha, G. Leach, S. C. Rajan (Stockholm Environment Institute)

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