Biofuels - Technology status and future trends, technology assessment and decision support tools

Jun 2007

One of the key issues of sustainable industrial development is the conversion from fossil feedstocks to renewable feedstocks in various sectors such as energy production, fuel production, chemical and related industries.
The present publication provides a survey of current technologies for the production of bio-fuels and biobased products, and briefly describes various feedstocks and indicates also trends of further development toward bio-refineries and integrated production of a variety of products (bio-fuels, chemicals, materials,…) in a sustainable way.
The final part is dedicated to the assessment of various technologies and their comparison together with a brief description of the concept of decision support tools for technology assessment and preparation of various scenarios for bio-feedstocks exploitation.
This document has been prepared within the ICS-UNIDO Work Programme 2006-2007 in the Area of Pure and Applied Chemistry by experts and fellows of ICS-UNIDO in tight cooperation with a group of experts of the Institute for Energy and Environment of Leipzig, Germany, who agreed to participate in this ICS-UNIDO initiative.


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