An assessment of biomass feedstock and conversion research opportunities

May 2005

This report is one of a series of assessments on various areas of the energy landscape prepared by GCEP staff. The assessments are intended to provide an introduction to the energy area as well as context for future fundamental research activity towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By examining the goals and potential of the energy transformations in question as well as the current progress and research towards these ends, the assessments take a step toward elucidating the most promising areas for future research.
This report breaks down the subject of energy from biomass into three parts: the biomass resource, feedstock cultivation, and the conversion of feedstock into other energy carriers. The first section gives a natural context to present and future biomass energy systems, examining the factors determining the ultimate size of the biomass resource.
The remaining two sections emphasize energy conversions and the role of technology in their performance and large scale feasibility.

By: Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP)

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