Comparison of transport fuels - Final report (EV45A/2/F3C) to the Australian greenhouse office on the stage 2 study of life-cycle emissions analysis of alternative fuels for heavy vehicles

Jan 2006

This report responds to a brief from the Australian Greenhouse Office to undertake:
a comparison of road transport fuel emissions through a full fuel-cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and emissions affecting air quality; and for each fuel, an assessment of current and near future (i.e., to 2006):
health-related issues (including occupational health and safety issues);
viability and functionality; and
environmental issues (including ecologically sustainable development) not related to greenhouse or air quality issues.

The report comprises three main parts. Part 1 consists of 15 chapters, each of which provides a summary of the salient points for each fuel, with a graphical representation of the emissions from the fuel, the reference fuel, and similar fuels together with a representation of the uncertainty associated with the emissions. There is no summary description of low sulphur diesel because it is the reference fuel against which all subsequent heavy vehicle fuels are examined. The first chapter of Part 1 provides information on the background of the study.
Part 2 consists of detailed chapters on each fuel. These provide a description of the upstream and tailpipe emissions along with an explanation of the assumptions made in the quantitative modelling, the numerical results on which the graphical information in Part 1 is based, as well as the uncertainty estimates. In addition, each chapter provides details of the viability and functionality, health effects, environmental issues and expected future emissions associated with each fuel.
Part 3 consists of chapters that discuss possible weighting methodologies for examining air quality emissions, and the modelling approach for the estimates of future emissions.

By: T. Beer, T. Grant, G. Morgan, J. Lapszewicz, et al(Australian Greenhouse Office)

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