Production and use of fuel ethanol in Brazil - Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Mar 2007

The production and use of fuel ethanol in Brazil since 1975 represent one of the most important renewable, commercial fuel program implemented in the world to date. This currently recognized success, combined with the increasing interest in the replacement of oil by-products and the reduction of pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions has given rise to an intensive demand for information on the program.
Unica (Union of the Sugar-Cane Industry), aiming to meet a demand represented by frequently asked questions about a wide variety of aspects of the Brazilian experience with large-scale production of fuel ethanol, presents as it follows a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers prepared by its team of consultants. Not intended to be a source of detailed information the following is a set of simple answers with a few reference quotes that can help those interested get an overview of the theme. To ease access to the information the text is presented in four thematic chapters (Fuel ethanol: Activities in Brazil and the world context, Sugar-cane and ethanol production: environmental aspects, Sugar-cane and ethanol production: social impacts, Technologies: evolution and potential), detailed in sub-items.

By: Sugar Cane Industry Union (UNICA)

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