Biofuels review: scenario development

May 2008

The aim of this document is to develop scenarios for future global demand for different feedstocks for biofuels in 2010 and 2020. These can be used to derive land area requirement for biofuel production. The demand for biofuels is largely driven by policy, so in order to understand the implications of biofuels demand, the scenarios developed differ in terms of the type of policy target that may be implemented. The scenarios also differ in terms of whether new crops and advanced biofuel technologies are used by 2020. As many of these advanced technologies use non-food feedstocks, whether or not they are used commercially by 2020 may have a significant bearing on the volumes and types of feedstocks required. The scenarios are global, providing projections of estimates of volume demand for biofuels and feedstock type in each of ten world regions (OECD North America, OECD Europe, OECD Pacific, Transition Economies, China, Other Asia, India, Middle East, Latin America and Africa). The scenarios also give an indication as to where these feedstocks are likely to come from.

By: E4Tech

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