Genetically modified crops - A decade of failure [1994 - 2004]

Feb 2004

Friends of the Earth International, in collaboration with other organizations and local communities, has been a leading force against the release of GM crops. Friends of the Earth groups in countries as far flung as Nigeria, the United States, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom have been campaigning on this front for many years.
2004 marks the tenth anniversary of the commercialization of the first genetically modified (GM) crop in the United States.
According to the author, ten years of experience has shown that the fears and concerns raised by environmentalists throughout the 1980s and 90s have come true. Contrary to the promises made by biotech companies, the reality of the last ten years of commercialization shows that the safety of GM crops cannot be ensured, that they are neither cheaper nor higher quality, and that they are not a panacea for global hunger. Moreover, the creeping spread of GM crops around the planet is a serious threat to biodiversity.

By: Friends of the Earth International

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