Biofuels trade and sustainable development: the case of Pakistan

Dec 2007

The preamble provides both a backdrop and a context for this study. Essentially a scoping exercise, the objectives of this study are to:
a) assess the production potential of energy crops in Pakistan;
b) evaluate the foreign exchange savings potential from reduced fossil fuel imports and the foreign exchange earnings potential from biofuel exports;
c) assess the sustainable development implications of increased biofuel production and trade and
d) suggest economic and institutional policy options to promote the production, domestic use and exports of biofuels. The study also presents anticipatory policy measures and identifies research gaps where more work needs to be done to maximise sustainable development at minimum risk.
Section 2 provides a characterisation of Pakistan’s biofuel sector.
Section 3 describes the biofuel value chain.
In section 4, we provide an overview of domestic and international policies governing ethanol production and trade.
Section 5 focuses on the main sustainable development concerns related to biofuel production and use. Section 6 recaps the major arguments.

By: S. R. Khan, M. Yusuf, S. A. Khan, R. Abbasy (SDPI)

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