Running vehicles successfully on biodiesel - Product quality requirements for FAME

Jan 2006

Within the space of a decade, bio-diesel has turned from a virtually unknown product into a significant fuel on the market. Germany’s bio-diesel turnover accounted for just 45,000 t in 1995, but had risen to about 1,800,000 t in 2005.
Although the emergence of biodiesel in Germany is undoubtedly a success story, questions continue to arise with regards to the fuel's potential applications, problems and properties.
The diversity of expressions "Biodiesel", "FAME", "PME", "RME" and "AME" is causing increasingly confusion among sellers and buyers. Biodiesel is often mistaken for vegetable oil fuel, although both products differ in terms of basic properties. This article is intended to improve the reader's understanding of this topic.

By: J. Haupt, D. Bockey (AGQM)

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