Guidelines for growing grain legumes in Europe

Mar 2005

AEP, the European Association for Grain Legume Research, is a European-based but internationally-active network of scientists and end-users concerned with grain legumes (peas, faba beans, lupins, chickpeas, lentils, Phaseolus beans, etc.).
Legume seeds are rich in protein and energy. Due to their high lysine content, they are a good complement for cereals and may promote more efficient use of protein, by meeting animal requirements more precisely and contribute to feed and food security. All grain legumes can be used as whole seed except for soybean which requires processing to remove excess oil and to reduce antitrypsic activities when intended for food/feed purposes and not for biodiesel production.
The document contains maps that aim to provide an indication of the potential area for cultivation of each grain legume crop in Europe. Area where it is possible to grow the crop are highlighted, taking into account the soil and climatic conditions of each region.

By: European Association for Grain Legume Research (AEP)

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