Bioenergy and Food Security

The emerging biofuels market: regulatory, trade and development implications

The era of "easy" energy is over. Governments, intergovernmental organizations, corporations, NGOs and even individuals are asking themselves a number of questions that are crucial for the sustainable development prospects of all countries. How do ...

Jan 2006
Potential challenges and risks of bioenergy production for developing countries

Following pioneer Brazil, the world is seeing a dazzling growth in bioenergy production derived from plants and other biomass. China has an ambitious programme of its own and several African countries have set their sights ...

Jan 2006
Towards better practice in smallholder palm oil production

Smallholder oil palm production has the potential to secure mutually beneficial outcomes for large and small producers and processors, enhance social and environmental sustainability at the landscape scale, ease land disputes between smallholders and large ...

Jan 2006
The promises and challenges of biofuels for the poor in developing countries

In the past several years the changing world energy situation has generated intensive discussion about biofuels, much of it a promising source of environment-friendly energy that would also be a boon to the world’s farmers. ...

Jan 2006
Towards a Southern African NGO position on biofuels (brochure)

Southern Africa is a region of great poverty interspersed with pockets of wealth. The South African economy is one of those pockets but contained within the nation are millions of people living without access to ...

Jan 2006
Potential for biofuels for transport in developing countries

This report is by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme (ESMAP), a joint programme of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank, to help developing countries assess the potential of biofuels in ...

Oct 2005
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