Bioenergy and Sustainability

Energy and biodiversity: understanding complex relationships, OECD Workshop on Biomass and Agriculture

People concerned about energy issues seldom give adequate attention to biodiversity, and those concerned with biodiversity give inadequate consideration to the implications of energy policy for their issues. However, virtually all of the factors leading ...

Jun 2003
Principles governing the long-run risks, benefits, and costs of agricultural biotechnology

The global debate over how agriculture and food systems can better meet people’s needs is passionate and often muddled. It is easy to get lost in the complex interactions between the many forces that shape ...

Apr 2003
Sugarcane production, processing and marketing in Tanzania

Sugarcane is one of the most important food and commercial crops of Tanzania. Its production is concentrated mainly in three regions: Morogoro, Kagera and Kilimanjaro.Most of the sugar produced in the country is for home ...

May 1998
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