Bioenergy and Trade

EU support for biofuels and bioenergy, environmental sustainability criteria, and trade policy

This paper provides a description of the EU’s biofuel policies, set in the context of its overall policy framework on renewable and bioenergy, and their interface with the WTO legal system.

Jun 2009
Global status report on local renewable energy policies – Working draft

City and local governments can play a key role in encouraging renewable energy at the local level. The multiple roles of these local governments as decision-makers, planning authorities, managers of municipal infrastructure, and role models ...

Jun 2009
Biofuels subsidies and the law of the WTO

The growth of biofuel production has also attracted attention for its negative impact on global food prices. Less attention has been paid, however, to the broader trade and economic impacts of the subsidies and incentives ...

Jun 2009
Country report: United States - IEA Task 40: Sustainable International Bioenergy Trade: Securing Supply and Demand

The main barrier for biomass is sustainable production of feedstocks. While national assessments identify sufficient biomass resource to meet the production targets, much of that resource is inaccessible because of unfavorable economics that result from ...

Jun 2009
A global overview of vegetable oils, with reference to biodiesel - A Report for the IEA Bioenergy Task 40

There are various factors that affect the feedstock and market for vegetable oils, such as:i) Increasing demand sparked off by higher consumption of edible oils, particularly in emerging countries. For example, according to USDA, between ...

Jun 2009
Renewables Global Status Report 2009 - Update

This “Update” edition of the Renewables Global Status Report is the fourth in a series launched in 2005. It provides an integrated picture of the global renewable energy situation, unfolding in the midst of a ...

May 2009
Thailand biofuels’ impact on food crops

Biofuel consumption increased significantly in 2008 as petroleum prices reached a record high.The run-up in crude oil prices left gasohol and biodiesel as cheaper options for Thai consumers. Attractive prices for E10 (a mixture of ...

Mar 2009
Biofuel industry study, Tanzania - An assessment of the current situation

The biofuel industry in Tanzania is still in a nascent stage, with various companies, both Tanzanian and international, active at various stages. Tanzania has been inundated by foreign investors since 2006, most from the EU ...

Mar 2009
Will the ethanol mandate drive up the cost of transportation fuel?

The Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. (EPRINC) evaluates in this report the consequences to the U.S. transportation fuel sector of increasing the volume of ethanol in the U.S. gasoline pool above current volumes -- now ...

Feb 2009
Annual Energy Outlook 2009 - Early release overview

The AEO2009 reference case includes greater use of renewable energy than the AEO2008 reference case.Total consumption of marketed renewable fuels—including wood, municipal waste, and biomass in the end-use sectors; hydroelectricity, geothermal, municipal waste, biomass, solar, ...

Jan 2009