Bioenergy: objectives–technology (Bioenergy Barometer)

Jan 2007

The biofuels market is not a market like the others because its development is closely tied to its total or partial exemption from the tax on petroleum products. Moreover, numerous EU member countries have not yet indicated what means they are going to implement to abide by the directive on biofuels.
If the current trend is compared with European Commission objectives, it would seem that the objective of 5.75% biofuels in the transport sector by the year 2010 will not be reached. In order to respect the directive, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission estimates biofuel consumption at 5.9 million toe in 2005 and 18.2 million toe in 2010, i.e. very close to White Paper objectives for 2010 (18 Mtoe). Taking current development into consideration, estimates of biofuel production reach 2.8 million toe in 2005 and 9.4 million toe in 2010.The same can be said for the objectives of the "Sustainable Energy Europe" programme that targets multiplying ethanol production by five and biodiesel production by three for the end of 2008, figures that are too ambitious with respect to current efforts.

By: European Commission

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