The Energy Report – 100% renewable energy by 2050

Feb 2011

WWF has a vision of a world that is powered by 100 per cent renewable energy sources by the middle of this century. Unless we make this transition, the world is most likely to avoid predicted escalating impacts of climate change.
But is it possible to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy supplies foe everyone on the planet by 2050? WWF called upon the expertise of respected energy consultancy Ecofys to provide an answer to this question. In response, Ecofys has produced a bold and ambitious scenario – which demonstrates that it is technically possible to achieve almost 100 per cent renewable energy sources within the next four decades. The ambitious outcomes of this scenario, along with all of the assumptions, opportunities, detailed data and sources, are presented as Part 2 of this report.
The Ecofys scenario raises a number of significant issues and challenges. The energy Report investigates the most technically important political, economic, environmental and social choices and challenges – and encourages their further debate.
How are we going to provide for all of the world’s future needs, on energy food, fibre, water and others, without running into such huge issues as: conflicting demand on land/water availability and use; rising, and in some cases unsustainable consumption of commodities; nuclear waste; and regionally appropriate and adequate energy mixes? This Report tries to find the answers to these challenges.

By: WWF, Ecofys, OMA