Biofuels for Transportation

World energy technology outlook – WETO H2

As the age of cheap energy resources comes to its end, strong political commitment is needed to preserve European competitiveness and to combat climate change. The WETO-H2 report (World Energy Technology Outlook-2050) places the European ...

Jan 2006
Potential for biofuels for transport in developing countries

This report is by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme (ESMAP), a joint programme of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank, to help developing countries assess the potential of biofuels in ...

Oct 2005
Liquid biofuels for transportation in Tanzania

Tanzania relies exclusively on imports for its oil needs. The value of Tanzania’s import increased from US $ 1,661.4 mio. in 2002 to US $ 2,145.3 mio. in 2003. This is largely attributed to an ...

Aug 2005
Criteria for assessing environmental, economic, and social aspects of biofuels in developing countries

Preliminary work on the potential of energy crops in developing countries (DCs) indicates an order of magnitude similar to the total transport fuel use of the EU-25 and the USA.If and to what extent this ...

Feb 2005
Biofuel for transport

While biofuels production costs are fairly easy to measure, the benefits are difficult to quantify. But this does not necessarily mean that the benefits are not substantial. Increasing the use of biofuels can improve energy ...

Apr 2004
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