Global Initiatives

Compendium of international energy policies and strategies

The purpose of compiling this compendium by the African Energy Policy Research Network and and Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination (AFREPREN/FWD) and the Environmental Development Action in the Third World (ENDA) is to assist in the ...

Oct 2006
Biofuels production, trade and sustainable development: emerging issues

This paper seeks to provide a preliminary identification of the main sustainable development issues involved in the debate around production and trade in biofuels.The paper is organised as follows.Chapter 2 provides a brief description of ...

Sep 2006
Biofuels in the European Union - A vision for 2030 and beyond

The expected growth of the biofuels market and the development of new transformation pathways make it timely to investigate new integrated refining schemes. The co-production of fuels, heat & power and co-products in integrated biorefineries ...

May 2006
The hydrogen economy - A non-technical review

There is a growing belief among policy-makers, environmental organisations, energy analysts and industry leaders that hydrogen is the fuel of the future that will revolutionise the way we produce and use energy. In the long ...

Jan 2006
Renewables – Global status report 2006 update

REN21 is a global policy network in which ideas are shared and action is encouraged to promote renewable energy. It provides a forum for leadership and exchange in international policy processes. It bolsters appropriate policies ...

Jan 2006
Global Bioenergy Partnership - White Paper

The objective of this White Paper is to discuss how the Global Bioenergy Partnership could contribute to the development and deployment of bioenergy in developed and developing countries, based on a review of the barriers ...

Oct 2005
The energy challenge for achieving the Millennium Development Goals

This UN-Energy paper on the importance of energy for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was drafted collectively by the United Nations (UN) agencies, programmes and organizations working in the area of energy, reflecting their ...

Jun 2005
Biofuel for transport

While biofuels production costs are fairly easy to measure, the benefits are difficult to quantify. But this does not necessarily mean that the benefits are not substantial. Increasing the use of biofuels can improve energy ...

Apr 2004
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol - A corporate accounting and reporting standard

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership of businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, and others convened by the World Resources Institute (WRI), a U.S.-based environmental NGO, and the World Business Council for Sustainable ...

Mar 2004
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