Global monitoring report 2008: MDGs and the environment – Agenda for inclusive and sustainable development

Apr 2008

This joint report prepared by the World Bank and IMF contains two main parts: monitoring the MDGs and a special focus on climate change.
The upward pressure on food prices reflects the increasing use of corn and other food items for biofuel production, poor weather conditions, supply disruptions in a number of countries, and global demand growth. Meanwhile, oil prices rebounded to new highs in March 2008.
The report monitors the achievement of goals and policies. For developing countries, it suggests that the best way to reduce their vulnerability to the impact of climate change is to diversify their economies, strengthen infrastructure, and develop health systems.
It addresses the interrelated challenges of development and environmental sustainability and assesses progress and priorities in the agenda to achieve the MDGs. It assesses the challenge of environmental sustainability and its implications for developing countries, and monitors progress at national and global levels to address the challenge.
Based on its assessment, the report sets out an integrated agenda for development that is inclusive and sustainable.

By: World Bank and IMF

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