Testing framework for sustainable biomass

Mar 2007

This report describes the testing framework for sustainable biomass, as it has been worked out by the project group“Sustainable production of biomass” set up by the Dutch government. To ensure that biomass as a source of renewable sustainable energy is produced and processed in a responsible manner, the Dutch government wishes to incorporate sustainability criteria for biomass into the relevant policy instruments. In the short term, this concerns the Dutch subsidy arrangement for electricity production and the obligation for biofuels for road transport. In the longer term, the Dutch government wishes to promote a wider application of these sustainability criteria.
The task of the project group is to formulate criteria for the production and the processing of biomass in energy, fuels and chemistry. This framework does not make any difference between biomass originating from the Netherlands, from the EU or outside the EU. In this matter, the project group has always consulted the different parties involved, to ensure a broad support base. As much as possible, consistency with similar initiatives in other EU countries has been sought.

By: Project group “Sustainable production of biomass” (Dutch Government)

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