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The energy balance of corn ethanol: an update

Ethanol production in the United States grew from just a few million gallons in the mid-1970s to over 1.7 billion gallons in 2001, spurred by national energy security concerns, new Federal gasoline standards, and government ...

Jul 2002
Macroeconomic evaluation of rape cultivation for biodiesel production in Germany

Biodiesel has been produced for the German market since 1993. The raw material is rapeseed oil that is chemically transesterified. As with other renewable energy sources (RES), the cultivation of RES rape for biodiesel production ...

Mar 2002
Microalgae production from power plant flue gas: environmental implications on a life cycle basis

CO2 is a major greenhouse gas (GHG), and its physical capture from fossil-fuel power-plants has been considered as a potential remediation option since Marchetti (1977) first proposed the disposal of the captured CO2 in the ...

Jun 2001
Analysis of “Comparative LCA of Biodiesel and Fossil Diesel Fuel” by Ceuterick and Spirinckx

The paper “Comparison of LCA and external-cost analysis for biodiesel and diesel” by L. DeNocker and C. Spirinckx was presented at the EPA-sponsored International Conference and Exhibition on Life Cycle Assessment on 2000.The paper presented ...

Jul 2000
The GHG indicator: UNEP guidelines for calculating greenhouse gas emissions for businesses and non-commercial organisations

Climate change resulting from human activities is now recognised as one of the most pressing environmental issues facing the world’s population. In addressing this problem, governments, the international community and industry are moving to control ...

Apr 2000
Modelling the transition to a biofuel economy in Australia

In the international and Australian context there are two biomass based liquid transportation fuels that might replace petrol and diesel. These are ethanol and methanol although bio-diesel is also a well-developed technology. Ethanol is viewed ...

Apr 2000
Sugarcane production, processing and marketing in Tanzania

Sugarcane is one of the most important food and commercial crops of Tanzania. Its production is concentrated mainly in three regions: Morogoro, Kagera and Kilimanjaro.Most of the sugar produced in the country is for home ...

May 1998
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