Other events 2009

GBEP side event "Greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy: a new tool for reporting and comparing lifecycle analyses" - UNFCCC COP-15, Copenhagen (Denmark), 16 December 2009

GBEP workshop on "Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC): status of and perspectives on science-based policies" - New York (USA), 15 May 2009

GBEP side event "Sustainable bioenergy development: the Global Bioenergy Partnership’s contribution" - 17th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development, New York (USA), 14 May 2009

GBEP side event "Bioenergy and sustainability: a challenge. The Italian experience in research, enterprise and policy approach" - SOLAREXPO, Verona (Italy), 7 May 2009

GBEP Round Table "The GBEP GHG methodological framework for bioenergy: a dialogue with private sector" - World Biofuels Markets - Brussels (Belgium), 17 March 2009

GBEP and M&G 2nd Bio-Ethanol Conference: "A second generation ethanol. A reality" - Milan (Italy), 4 March 2009