Other events 2016

Tavola Rotonda “L’esperienza dell’Italia sullo sviluppo sostenibile delle bioenergie e il ruolo GBEP nel contesto internazionale” - Rome (Italy), 18 March 2016

Energy renewables, and bioenergy in particular, play a strategic role in the diversification of the Italy’s future energy resources, in compliance with European and international commitments on climate and environment. The Round Table aimed at facilitating dialogue between the main Italian actors working in the bioenergy sector, with a view of coordinating actions in the framework of  the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP).The event brought together representatives of Italian Ministries (Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation), research centers and universities (ENEA, CNR / IBAF, CREA, ISPRA, University of Perugia, University of Florence) and private and industry associations (ENI, Mossi Ghisolfi / BioChemtex, UNICONFORT, TURBODEN, CIB - Italian Biogas Consortium, ITABIA).
The event highlighted the importance of fostering dialogue between the main Italian actors working on bioenergy and of coordinating their action in the context of GBEP. It also underlined the central role of the Partnership in contextualizing the Italian environmental policies into an international frame.