Working Group on Capacity Building meetings and activities 2022


9th GBEP Bioenergy Week 2022

Activity as part of 'GBEP Activity Group 3 - Study Tour for Capacity Building and training'

Asunción, Paraguay, 26-29 September 2022

The 2022 Bioenergy Week will enhance learning from positive experiences on sustainable production and use of bioenergy. It will highlight various value chains, with a special focus on bioenergy's contribution to the sustainable energy transition, and provide to support the design and implementation of bioenergy policies in the Americas. Furthermore, it will provide the opportunity to continue a dialogue with the private sector and other stakeholders on ways to improve mutual cooperation towards a more sustainable production and use of bioenergy.


Webinar: Green jobs in biogas

Activity as part of 'GBEP Activity Group 3 - Biogas' 

15:00-16:20 CEST, 1 June 2022

This webinar focuses on developing local biogas value chains for the creation of sustainable green jobs. Three case studies are presented – from Mexico, Kenya and Benin. The webinar will not only look in detail at these three diverse cases but the discussion session will also provide an opportunity for learning between regions.


Webinar: Exploring the bioenergy-nutrition nexus

Activities as part of the WGCB informal electronic group on 'Linkages between bioenergy and nutrition'

14:00-15:00 CEST, 30 May 2022

This webinar represents a joint effort between GBEP and FAO to explore the nexus between bioenergy and nutrition, and present opportunities where this nexus could be leveraged by both nutrition and bioenergy communities to improve nutrition security. The webinar will present a recent literature review that aimed to identify the various positive interlinkages between bioenergy and nutrition that have been explored in existing research, especially implications on food and nutrition security, and the impacts on agricultural land and soil quality, which could influence nutrient contents of food, and other aspects of health related to nutrition. An example of these concepts in action across bioenergy value chains is provided by a case study of small-scale gasification.


Webinar: Biohydrogen for the sustainable energy transition – developments, opportunities and challenges

Activity as part of 'GBEP Activity Group 4 - Towards modern wood energy development' 

14:00-15:15 CEST, 18 May 2022

Hydrogen is seen as an attractive fuel option for transport and electricity generation as it is a clean energy carrier that can be produced from multiple sources, including biomass. Hydrogen produced using biological activity is called biohydrogen, which is primarily produced through three production processes: fermentation, biophotolysis and microbial electrolysis. Biohydrogen production, storage, distribution and use are extremely important research areas, with still many challenges to overcome for widespread commercialisation. 

This webinar will introduce biohydrogen and its production as part of a biorefinery concept. It will then focus on the some specific pathways for biohydrogen production. 


Side Event at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE): Advanced liquid biofuels for net zero, the significance of sustainability

Activity as part of 'GBEP Activity Group 8 - Advanced Liquid Biofuels' 

15:00-16:15 CEST, 9 May 2022

The side event looks at the inherent significance of sustainability in advanced biofuels’ production and use, and aims to share experiences in order to draw useful lessons for sustainable expansion of the sector to contribute to net-zero goals. The roundtable discussion will consider sustainability challenges for advanced biofuel value chains, how they can be overcome in future operations, and what can be done to clarify common misconceptions. 

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