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09 May 07 Global Bioenergy Partnership web site launched today

9 May 2007 - The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) today unveiled its web site at the GBEP's 3rd Steering Committee meeting in New York.

08 May 07 UN Energy Report. Sustainable Bioenergy: a framework for decision makers

A comprehensive report from UN Energy, a group of 20 UN Agencies and Organizations, assesses the likely impact of the fast-growing bioenergy market.

05 May 07 Myanmar plans sharp increase of biofuel output in 2008

The Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has projected a sharp increase of biofuel next year to substitute diesel, to be supplied from Jatropha physic nut plantations. Source: Biofpr

26 Apr 07 Asian and European Ministers eager to boost Renewables together

The 3rd Asia-Europe Environment Ministers' Meeting (ASEM), held in Copenhagen from April 24-26, gave a strong signal for renewable energy as a means to "boost economic performance and ensure energy security, while at the same time reducing emissions of greenhouse ...

02 Mar 07 Press Conference launching International Biofuels Forum

Today's launch of the International Biofuels Forum would contribute to creating a world market for alternative fuels, resulting in economic, social and environmental benefits for developed and developing countries.The forum, a joint project of Brazil, China, India, South Africa, the ...

10 Jan 07 A Renewable Energy Roadmap: Paving the way towards a 20% share of renewables in the EU's energy mix by 2020

The roadmap proposal includes an overall binding 20% renewable energy target and a binding minimum target of 10% for transport biofuels for the EU by 2020." Each Member State will determine the best renewable energy mix for its own circumstances ...