GBEP Newsletter n.25 - 2019

Study Tour for capacity building in Asia - Bioenergy Week

Each year, the Activity Group 3 under the Working Group on Capacity Building (WGCB) holds a regional capacity building event. In June of this year, the 7th GBEP Bioenergy Week was held in Manila, Philippines. The event gathered over 250 participants from four continents. 

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GBEP Meetings October 2019

The GBEP Annual Meetings are an opportunity for GBEP Partners and Observers to gather in order to discuss the activities of the year and devise a work plan for the year ahead. This year, they were held 28-30 October 2019 in Rome, Italy and included the 11th meeting of the Working Group on Capacity Building (WGCB), the 17th meeting of the Taskforce on Sustainability (TFS) and the 22nd meeting of the Steering Committee.

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Wood Energy and Forest Landscape Restoration: exploring positive linkages

Wood energy and forest landscape restoration (FLR) are often seen as contradicting one another; we often hear of the traditional use of woodfuel causing forest degradation, or of the conservation of forest habitats reducing energy access and livelihoods for rural households. But there is another story to be told, whereby sustainable wood energy can enhance FLR whilst also contributing to sustainable livelihoods. 

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The role of bioenergy in climate targets: headlines from IPCC and IEA

A look at the recent reports published by the IPCC and IEA that confirm the integral role of bioenergy in achieving climate targets. 

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Looking ahead - GBEP in 2020

A look at the GBEP 2020 workplan. 

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