GBEP Newsletter n.4 - 14 July 2008

Rome food-security conference calls for dialogue and research on biofuels

The FAO “High-Level Conference on world food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy” in June created a platform for many different opinions on bioenergy, food prices and sustainability. But there was consensus about the need for further discussion and research in the international community to address the challenges and opportunities posed by biofuels in view of the world’s food security, energy and sustainable development needs.

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GBEP welcomes two new African partners, confirms Clini as chairman

The Global Bioenergy Partnership welcomed two new partners from Africa at its  5th Steering Committee meeting, bringing the prospect valuable contributions from this important continent to its work promoting sustainable bioenergy development.

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Task Force on Sustainability starts work on bioenergy criteria and indicators

The GBEP Task Force on Sustainability was created last month to work on the development of global science-based criteria and indicators regarding the sustainability of bioenergy and to facilitate a coherent international discussion with a view to broadening understanding of sustainable bioenergy and effective ways of achieving it.

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GBEP reports to the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit 2008

G8 Summits are key moments for the Global Bioenergy Partnership, which was established to implement the commitments taken by the G8 in the 2005 Gleneagles Plan of Action to support "biomass and biofuels deployment, particularly in developing countries where biomass use is prevalent". In 2007 the G8 Heiligendamm Summit invited GBEP “to continue its work on biofuel best practices and take forward the successful and sustainable development of bioenergy”. For this reason, GBEP prepared a report submitted to the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in Japan earlier this month, providing an overview of its current programme of work and activities.

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G8 statements highlight importance of GBEP work on bioenergy sustainability

The importance of the role of the Global Bioenergy Partnership was underscored by this month’s G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in Japan, especially in the light of the attention it dedicated to the issues of climate change, the environment and food security. The Summit in effect renewed the GBEP’s mandate, inviting it to pursue its programme of work towards the sustainable development of bioenergy.

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