GBEP Newsletter n.15 - 20 December 2013

GBEP roundup from Rome: news from Steering Committee meeting, Working Group on Capacity Building and workshop on food security

The 16th Steering Committee meeting of the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) was held in Rome on 13 December 2013, hosted at FAO Headquarters and attended by 28 Partners and Observers.

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GBEP new capacity building activity: towards sustainable modern wood energy development

Wood energy currently makes up more than 65 percent of the global share of renewable energy, with trees and woody plants providing more than 80 percent of this biomass. The recent 16th GBEP Steering Committee endorsed the establishment on a new activity group to be carried out within the framework of its Working Group on Capacity Building (WGCB), Activity Group 4 “Towards sustainable modern wood energy development”.

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Lessons learned in testing the Global Bioenergy Partnership sustainability indicators: report by Ecofys

After two years since their agreement, the GBEP sustainability indicators have been pilot tested in several countries. To identify the lessons learned from the first country pilots Ecofys prepared a report commissioned by NL Agency. This report summarises the lessons learned from the GBEP pilots, aiming to assess the applicability of the GBEP indicators and their practicality as a tool for policy makers, and furthermore to explore options for future improvements of the indicators, based on the information yielded by the pilots.

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Global Bioenergy Perspectives: the International Energy Agency to publish the  Bioenergy How2Guide

Building on the IEA global energy technology roadmap series started in 2008, which has resulted in the publications of more than 20 technology roadmaps, with more under development and in response to a growing number of requests for assistance from emerging and developing economies for the development of technology roadmaps tailored to national frameworks, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is planning to develop a series of Bioenergy How2Guide projects.

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GBEP agenda for 2014

GBEP calendar of activities and events for 2014.

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