GBEP agenda for the rest of 2017

A list of upcoming and past events organized by GBEP or which involve GBEP directly:


  • 31 August  2017 – Stockholm, Sweden: GBEP event “Bioenergy, water and SDG implementation: experiences and linkages”

In the framework of the Activity Group 6, the event will be organized at the 2017 World Water Week, to disseminate and discuss the outcomes of the report “Examples of Positive Bioenergy and Water Relationships”. Building on an integrative understanding of bioenergy and water, the event aims to contribute to SDG implementation.

Details on the event will be posted on the GBEP website

  • 27 November-1 December 2017 – Rome, FAO Headquarters: 9th GBEP Working Group on Capacity Building, 15th GBEP Task Force on Sustainability and 20th Steering Committee meetings

Further details on these events will be posted on the events section of the GBEP website


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