The 20th meeting GBEP Steering Committee endorses 2018 programme of work

The GBEP Steering Committee held its 20th meeting on 1 December 2017 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, co chaired by Italy (Mr. Cristiano Piacente, Coordinator at the Sustainable Development Division of the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea) and Brazil (Mr. Antonio Ricarte, Deputy Permanent Representative to FAO, IFAD and WFP), who thanked Partners and Observers for their continued work.

The Steering Committee reviewed all 2017 activities and endorsed the future programme of work for the Partnership.

In particular, a new Activity Group was established in the framework of the Working Group on Capacity Building for Sustainable Bioenergy (WGCB), the Activity Group 7 on Biogas. A stocktaking document was proposed as the first activity of AG7 to show the state-of-the-art of biogas and to guide the future activities of the Activity Group. In this context, a CESC paper on “State of Biogas in the World: 2017” was presented at the meeting. E-learning webinars are also proposed as deliverables for 2018, kindly hosted by Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) and CIBiogas-ER (Brazil). In the  framework of Activity Group 3 of the WGCB, the Steering Committee praised the success of the 2017 Bioenergy Week held in Accra, Ghana and endorsed the organization of  the 2018 Bioenergy Week in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June 2018. While Activity Group 6 on Bioenergy and Water was closed as it completed its scope of work, discussions are ongoing to establish a new activity on advanced biofuels.

Under Activity Group 2 of the WGCB, the most recent measurement of the GBEP Sustainability Indicators (GSI) in Italy, Viet Nam and Paraguay were presented.
The Steering Committee also complimented and endorsed the work carried out by the Task Force on Sustainability, welcoming its new Co-Chairs Mr. Takashi Hayashi (Japan), Ms. Annalisa Zezza (Italy) and Mr. Ahmed Abdelati Ahmed (Egypt). In the preceding days, the Task Force had presented the first draft of a Technical Report on Attribution, prepared by Germany, and a Stepwise Approach to implementing the GSIs prepared by the GBEP Secretariat on the basis of the FAO experiences of projects in Colombia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Paraguay; these will both contribute to the finalization of the Implementation Guide of the GSIs. 
In addition, Germany had presented the final draft of a Technical Paper on linkages between SDGs and GSIs. This document will be finalised in 2018 and integrated into the Implementation Guide. The next step is to solidify the linkages identified in the Technical Paper by integrating the work on the GSIs with national entities who are implementing the SDGs at country level and to raise awareness among supranational institutions.

The Steering Committee was also informed that the “GBEP Report” to the 2017 G7 and G20 Summits were successfully transmitted respectively to the G7 Italian and G20 German Presidencies. The Steering Committee confirmed the importance for GBEP to continue strengthening its linkages with the G7 and G20 Summits, for which a coordination and support from countries among the GBEP members is essential. In view of this, it highlighted the importance of joining forces to receive a reference to GBEP in the respective 2018 Summit Declarations.

The next  GBEP Steering Committee meeting will take place in Rome (FAO Headquarters), during the last week of November 2018 (26 – 30 November 2018), preceded by the 10th Working Group on Capacity Building for Sustainable Bioenergy and 16th Task Force on Sustainability.

More on the workshop on the GBEP website.


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