Priority areas

The Partnership focuses its activities in three strategic areas:
Sustainable Development - Climate Change - Food and Energy Security.

In line with GBEP’s Terms of Reference and the state of the international debate on bioenergy, GBEP Partners selected the following priority areas for the immediate programme of work:

  • Facilitate the sustainable development of bioenergy
    GBEP developed 24 voluntary sustainability indicators for bioenergy, a tool to inform the development of national bioenergy policies and programmes, monitor the impact of these policies and programmes, as well as interpret and respond to the environmental, social and economic impacts of their bioenergy production and use. Presented in the report The Global Bioenergy Partnership Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy, released in December 2011, the indicators address the production and use of liquid, solid and gaseous biofuels for heat and power and for transport. Ten countries have tested the indicators, and another dozen are in the process of implementing them. In light of the lessons learned collected, GBEP is working on the development of an Implementation Guide on the use of the GBEP Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy, to improve their practicality and related guidance for users.

  • Facilitate capacity building for sustainable bioenergy
    GBEP carries out a number of capacity building activities to raise awareness of the potential benefits of sustainable modern bioenergy through multiple means, including workshops, study tours, public forums and other ways to present sustainable practices and assess resources. The focus of these activities is to facilitate collaboration among GBEP Partners and Observers for capacity building projects and related activities. Among others, since 2013 GBEP has organized a Bioenergy Week in a different continent every year. The goal of this initiative is to bring together relevant stakeholders in order to share experiences and lessons learnt related to sustainable bioenergy development, with a focus on the specific priorities and issues of the hosting country and region. .

  • Raise awareness and facilitate information exchange on bioenergy
    GBEP’s awareness-raising and information management activities seek to increase the understanding of issues related to bioenergy development.

GBEP and the G7/G8 and G20

GBEP reports yearly to the G7/G8 and to the G20 on its activities and programme of work in response to the mandates received from the G8 and G20 Leaders since 2005:


Since 2005, GBEP has received continuing support and renewed mandate from the G7/G8 and the G20: