Raise awareness and facilitate information exchange on bioenergy

GBEP’s awareness-raising and information management activities seek to increase the understanding of issues related to bioenergy development focusing on the following areas:

  • Participation in relevant international conferences and meetings focused on bioenergy, and organization of specific GBEP events;
  • Organization of an international media campaign to promote GBEP activities and of the extensive media coverage of the GBEP’s activities in print and online formats;
  • Development of GBEP’s information material and update of the GBEP  website so as to promote information sharing on bioenergy and on GBEP’s activities and programme of work.

GBEP Publications


GBEP information material

  • GBEP two-pager
    Quick information about GBEP’s main activities during the current year

  • GBEP Leaflet
    GBEP’s history, vision and mission

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