Attribution Paper

As a contribution to the Implementation Guide for the GBEP Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy (GSI), a technical paper has been prepared to address the challenge of how to attribute the measurement of the indicators clearly to the production and use of bioenergy in contrast to all other activities. This challenge is referred to as the ‘attribution issue’.

This paper provides basic information on the attribution issue, its potential implications, and gives recommendations for practical application. It aims to serve as input into the implementation guide on the GSI initiated by TFS but can also be used as an independent guidance document.

This paper aims to:

  • identify the relevant attribution issues;
  • structure the underlying attribution issues and identify general solutions to the attribution problems;
  • provide specific guidance for the different indicators according to the da-ta situation in the GBEP member countries; and
  • report the analysis and guidance in this document as a knowledge base which can be amended in the future as experience will grow.

You can download the Attribution Paper here.