Task Force on Sustainability

The GBEP Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy

GBEP established the Task Force on Sustainability in 2008, under the leadership of the United Kingdom. Led by Sweden after 2010, the Task Force developed in 2011 a set of twenty-four voluntary sustainability indicators for bioenergy, published in the report The Global Bioenergy Partnership Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy.

The indicators intend to guide any analysis undertaken of bioenergy at the domestic level with a view to informing decision making and facilitating the sustainable development of bioenergy in a manner consistent with multilateral trade obligations. The indicators have been tested in a number of countries at both regional and national level, to evaluate their feasibility and enhance their practicality as a tool for policymaking.

Implementation Guide

Brochure for policy makers

The Task Force has developed an Implementation Guide on the use of the GBEP Sustainability Indicators (GSI), to improve their practicality and related guidance for users.

The Task Force has also developed Brochure for Policy Makers to explain the GSI and the Implementation Guide.



Facilitating the Implementation of the GBEP Sustainability Indicators

The TFS is currently working on further facilitating the implementation of the GBEP Sustainbility Indicators. There are two main workstreams:

-- Rapid Implementation Framework

  • The Rapid Implementation Framework (RIF) is intended to guide users through a rapid measurement of critical GBEP indicators and obtain a preliminary indication of likely impacts on sustainability from the most relevant bioenergy pathways in the country/region considered.

-- Data entry sheets

  • The first draft of the data entry sheets for bioenergy from agricultural crops is available to download for MS Excel here.

Bioenergy within the context of the broader bioeconomy

The Task Force on Sustainability works on the topic of sustainability governance of bioenergy within the bioeconomy. More information on this working group can be found here.

Linkages between the SDGs and the GBEP Sustainability Indicators

As a contribution to the Task Force, research has been undertaken on the linkages between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the GBEP Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy:

Co-Chairs conclusions of Task Force meetings are available here