Report "Examples of Positive Bioenergy and Water Relationships"

In February 2016, GBEP published the Report "Examples of Positive Bioenergy and Water Relationships", developed in the framework of the Activity Group 6 "Bioenergy and Water" (AG6) of the Working Group on Capacity Building, led by IEA. The report is the result of the ‘Call for Evidence of Positive Bioenergy and Water Relationships’, launched by GBEP in April 2015 to produce a compilation of innovative examples which could showcase how bioenergy systems can produce positive impacts on water. The submissions received in response were reviewed by AG6 leadership and a representative selection (twelve responses) was presented and discussed at a workshop in Stockholm, Sweden on 25 and 26 August 2015, jointly organized by GBEP and IEA Bioenergy, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry and Chalmers Energy Area of Advance.
The report presents the examples showcased at the workshop plus eight more, covering a wide range of geographic locations, feedstocks, bioenergy pathways and practices. The examples presented come from 11 countries across six continents: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, South Africa and the United States of America.
Each example includes qualitative and/or quantitative data on the positive impacts on water quality and availability, biomass/bioenergy production as well as any possible co-benefits that were observed. Key enabling factors and main challenges encountered throughout the course of the study/project are discussed. Lastly, there is a section on the potential to scale-up and replicate the example in other parts of the world.