Webinar series - Biochar

Biochar systems for sustainable agriculture

7 May 2020

The webinar 'Biochar systems for sustainable agriculture' was held on 7 May 2020 and was presented by Professor David Chiaramonti (Polytechnic of Turin).

Professor Chiaramonti gave a general introduction to biochar systems, focusing on processes and reactor technologies, and their flexibility, scalability and efficiency. He highlighted the many benefits of biochar as a soil amendment, in terms of improved soil quality, crop yield and forest growth, increased biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. The webinar also explored the potential synergies between biochar and biogas systems, as well as looking at the potential to contribute to landscape restoration, thus addressing biochar as material for co-composting with organic matter.

The recording of the webinar can be found below or can be viewed here. The PowerPoint is also available to download here.

The presentation by Prof Chiaramonti begins at [07:40 min]. The Q&A begins at [52:50 min].


Climate-smart biochar systems: opportunities and challenges

1430 – 1545 CEST, Thursday 11 June 2020 

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Agenda and overview.

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