The Activity Group 7 "Biogas"

The Activity Group 7 "Biogas", led by ECOWAS and Viet Nam, was established in November 2017. The main objective is to act as a forum for the exchange of information on biogas, involving many stakeholders from both public and private spheres. It aims to focus on both capacity building and facilitation of technology transfer, as well as informing stakeholders of the trends in the market, research and investments in this area. This will be conducted through reports, webinars and events, and collaboration with other initiatives in the sector.

E-learning webinars

One of the main scopes of AG7 is the exchange of knowledge, skills and technologies around biogas and its sustainable production and use. To work towards this aim, AG7 has launched an e-learning webinar series to disseminate best practices, technical knowledge and capacity.

The first webinars of this series were hosted in April 2019 and present and explain the BiogasDoneRight® model. The recordings from the webinars (in both English and Spanish) are available here.