Linkages between bioenergy and nutrition

Both nutrition security and access to modern energy are key topics in global development discourse and are integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. While the nexus between bioenergy – as part of the broader bioeconomy – and agriculture, food and diets seems apparent, an active discussion has not yet taken place on the specific good practices across bioenergy value chains that could positively impact nutrition security.

This informal discussion group represents a joint effort between GBEP and the Nutrition and Food Systems Division of FAO to explore the nexus between bioenergy and nutrition, and present opportunities where this nexus could be leveraged by both nutrition and bioenergy communities to improve nutrition security. 

A literature review was carried out in early 2022 with the aim to collect and analyze the available evidence most relevant to the relationship between bioenergy and nutrition, as a kind contribution of FAO to the GBEP Programme of Work.

You can download the paper here.